PHOTOMOD V4.3 (Racurs, Co.)

Today, PHOTOMOD software is the most popular digital photogrammetric system in Russia. PHOTOMOD product line utilizes latest advances in digital mapping theory and is put to every day work in many production facilities around the globe. PHOTOMOD's growing user base includes organizations throughout more then 30 countries worldwide. The high quality of our products has earned us an official certification from State Land Use Committee of Russian Federation. Join our family today and start taking advantage of our cutting-edge technology. Increase your productivity!

Due to its flexible modular configuration and powerful import/export tools PHOTOMOD can be turned into:
  • Complete Digital Photogrammetrical Workstation (standalone configuration);
  • Distributed high productive network environment for large project realization (network configuration);
  • Complementary workspaces that can be used along with existing systems of other vendors to increase the overall productivity in making the most time consuming and laborious operations (feature extraction, DTM creation).
Click the icon to download PHOTOMOD price list with recommended prices for all PHOTOMOD server modules. The price list is in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format.
PHOTOMOD functionality:
  • Central projection and pushbroom scanner imagery processing
  • Aerial triangulation
  • Automatic DTM extraction
  • Orthomosaic generation
  • On-screen 3D-digitizing in stereo mode
  • Orthomonoplotting
  • Digital maps creation and output
  • DTP scanner calibration
Click for detailed overview of PHOTOMOD software modules.
Main fields of application:
  • Photogrammetric production
  • Cadastral mapping
  • Cartography and remote sensing
  • Academic photogrammetry
  • Mining
  • Architecture and construction
Hardware and software requirements:
Configuration Minimum Recommended
Procesor (CPU) Intel Pentium III @ 600MHz Intel Pentium D @ 3GHz
Memory (RAM) 512 MB 1 GB
Graphis card Any Based on NVIDIA Quadro FX
Screen Any 19" & vert.refresh rate 120Hz
HDD 1 GB of free space 300 GB of free space
Operational system WinNT4 SP6, Win2000, WinXP WinXP sp2
Special hardware:
  • Shutter / anaglyph glasses for stereo visualisation
  • Hardware key
Dataflow processes and PHOTOMOD modules:


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