PHOTOMOD Montage Desktop
The core system shell used to create, delete, copy projects; enter camera passport data and start all other system modules; load objects of any types (TINs, DEMs, contour lines, 3D vectors) for viewing, etc. Montage Desktop also is used to build block-wide TIN, DEM, contour lines and import/export different types of objects.
  PHOTOMOD AT (Aerial Triangulation)
The module performs a full set of digital aerial triangulation calculations for the block of images. The program accepts scanned aerial films, pushbroom scanner or digital camera imagery as well as ground control points or GPS centers as input data to produce images orientation so that they may be processed in other PHOTOMOD modules. Tie points collection procedure provides a flexible combination of semiautomatic and automatic tools as well as 3D stereo measurements.
The module is designated for block adjustment. Sophisticated adjustment procedures with error control at every processing step ensure success of aerial triangulation and high accuracy of the output DTMs, orthomosaics and vector maps. Export/import of aerial triangulation results to/from PAT-B format allows the use of PHOTOMOD software in a variety of production chains in combination with other systems.
The module provides a set of tools to create DTM (in a variety of forms - as a triangulated irregular network (TIN), digital elevation model (DEM), pickets, breaklines and contour lines). TIN is primary representation for surface models. The module supports several strategies to build TIN automatically either using one algorithm for the stereopair or specifying different picket calculation methods for different model regions. Breaklines may be linked to TIN in order to improve its accuracy along continuous terrain features. TIN can be edited either in stereo mode or in a special 3D window. The DTM module capabilities include multiple functions for simple or group TIN nodes editing, as well as editing breaklines, editing and smoothing contour lines, etc. Conversion between different model representations (TIN, DEM, pickets) along with export/import of different types of objects to multiple formats, and many other options and tools are also supported.
  PHOTOMOD StereoDraw
This module is used for 3D feature extraction. It allows creating, editing and making measurements of 3D vector objects both in mono and stereo modes (shutter and anaglyph glasses are supported). StereoDraw provides a set of useful features such as automatic terrain following, fixing Z-coordinate of the cursor, snapping to 2D and 3D vector elements, plotting line segments at the right angle, copying and moving vector objects, making buffer zones, and many others. Topology related operations are available as well as attribute database tables creation and editing. Import/export from/to a number of popular data formats is supported.
Mosaic module is used to create seamless orthomosaic from separate project images. The module can use either terrain model from PHOTOMOD DTM module or DEM imported from several formats as base for orthorectification. Easy-to-use cutlines editor allows to outline image fragments to be included into mosaic. Brightness adjustment and seam feathering algorithms assure high radiometric quality of the created mosaic while optional JPEG compression and fast orthorectification procedure (more than 1 Mb/sec) guarantee high efficiency of your production line. Automated control of the orthomosaic accuracy using ground control and check points is also a very important feature of the Mosaic module. The output orthomosaic can be saved into GeoTIFF format or georeferenced by text files acceptable by MapInfo and ArcINFO. Splitting into map sheets is also available.
The module is powerful vector-based GIS and desktop cartography system used to create, edit and print out digital maps including cutting and merging standard map sheets. PHOTOMOD VectOr uses orthoimages and DTMs, created in PHOTOMOD DTM and PHOTOMOD Mosaic modules correspondingly as underlying objects for on-screen monoplotting. The comprehensive map symbol library divided into files related to different map and plan scales is also available.
  PHOTOMOD StereoVectOr
This module combines powerful StereoDraw stereo plotting engine with sophisticated map symbol system of VectOr. The map is being drawn in stereo (PHOTOMOD StereoDraw-based) and mono (PHOTOMOD VectOr-based) windows in parallel and instantly saved to VectOr map file. The monowindow is used to view resultant map with map symbolics updated in real-time. The module is used basically for vector maps updating and is optimally used with two-monitor system.
  PHOTOMOD StereoLink
PHOTOMOD StereoLink is intended for vectorization within MicroStation system in stereo mode. Its functionality includes stereo observation of PHOTOMOD project stereopairs with photometric correction, spatial coordinates measurement, objects stereosurvey, and a variety of other functions.
  PHOTOMOD ScanCorrect
This stand-alone module is designed for geometric calibration of desktop publishing (DTP) scanners. The program enables using inexpensive scanners in precise digital photogrammetry applications by means of the special scanner calibration procedure. Scanned images are geometrically corrected against reference template image scanned by the same scanner or a grid of crosses superimposed on a working image, thus removing the distortion caused by low-cost scanner mechanics and optics and producing virtually error-free images.

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